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The State of the Site with Lots of Announcements and Thank You

Hey everyone, it’s your Blogger in Chief Brett here with an update and some good news! 2016 was a huge year for the site and a lot of that is due to you who keep coming to the site checking out all the new posts, sharing them, and the six of you that comment… Thank you. Seriously. There are tons of sites out there, and you come here.

I also want to thank all of the contributors to the site who give up their free time to write reviews, posts, and read all the comics we get. They don’t get paid (I don’t get paid), we do it because we love comics and want to share our thoughts and build a nice little corner of the internet and geekdom. I feel like we’ve fought for every click

I feel like we’ve fought for every click and page view we’ve gotten this year. We didn’t have any “major news” that inflated the traffic, and it was hard fought, but we ended the year at about the same traffic that we had last year and it wasn’t an easy year for traffic for anyone I’ve spoken to. Our podcast/internet radio show consistently does well and our YouTube channel is going strong. We did it without clickbait or rumors, just straight reporting, and reviews. I’m proud of that.

It’s been a rough year for comic blogs and news sites. Quite a few have shut down, absorbed by other sites, or comic coverage for some sites have dwindled. Even those with “comic” in their name seem more focused on television and movies. We put comics first with about 70-75% of the coverage focused on comics and the rest of that percent usually having to do with comics (games based on comics for instance).

I’m here to say, that’s not changing for us. In fact, we’re doubling down on that.

What does that mean? Starting today we’re launching regular features and columns. Other sites are cutting them, we’re expanding them, and this is just a start… Something new every day that you can come here and look forward to. Some are reviews with a specific focus. Some are columns that had false starts and are returning. All of it will hopefully be interesting and fun.

Without more delay, here’s the initial schedule.


*NEW* Manga Monday – We’re going manga crazy. Our shelves are full with manga to read and a lot of this will be from a noobs perspective. At first it’ll be reviews, but expect more as the year progresses.
Weekend Movie Box Office Wrap Up – A look at how the various films did this past weekend, and especially a focus on comic based films.
Graphic Policy RadioA new show live at 10pm ET each Monday.


Staff Picks – Come by around noon ET on Tuesdays to see what we think are the best comics of the week.
Rebirth Roundup – A roundup review looking at the previous week’s Rebirth releases from the perspective of a new DC reader.
*NEW-ish* The Comics Are All RightWe got four of these last year and expect this to return… weekly. Each week we dive into the inner workings of comics and focus on marketing, what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and base it on data and facts. Reality based on opinion has no place in the column. Data is king!
GP Radio On Demand – Miss the live show on Monday? Download it. Listen to it on the web. Catch the archive episode!


Reviews!!! Lots and Lots of reviews!!! You expected something else? It’s new comic book day! But there is something more….
*NEW-ish* Wednesday Comic Rally – We love comics. We pride ourselves on action not just words, so we’ll make the case for a series, trade, or graphic novel for you to check out that Wednesday being released and we hope you buy it!


*NEW* We’re going European comic crazy – We haven’t figured out a name, but like manga we’ll be starting with reviews of Euro comics and going from there. Don’t worry rest of the world, we’ll get to you too.


*NEW* Retro Friday – Old comics never die, they just get collected or go into quarter bins! We go retro looking at classic comics, runs, and more.
*NEW* If/Then – Trying to think of a better name, but like a certain movie we suggest comics to check out! TV? Same! Books? Same! Video games? Same! This is more than saw the Doctor Strange movie, then here’s comics to read.

Think that’s all? I’m not tipping our entire hat, but that’s six new or returning columns and features for you to expect starting in a bit with the box office breakdown! This is all on top of “Around the Tubes,” “Fashion Spotlight,” “Demo-Graphics” and some of the other features you’ve seen.

The comic industry is at an amazing time and I can’t wait to be a part of it through this site. Again, thank you all for supporting us and here’s to a kick-ass 2017!

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