MyComicGrader Gets an Update

mycomicgraderMyComicGrader has announced the latest upgrade of the MyComicGrader app for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, available for download starting December 30. This is the first app that provides users with the ability to grade modern era comics objectively anytime, anywhere with an Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

The new version has the following enhancements:

  • Basic and Pro Users
    • Larger images of creators on the creator detail page
    • The Search Buttons have been re-arranged to the following order: Events (was labeled Conventions previously), Creators, Auth. Witnesses (was labeled AW previously), eBay
    • When searching for creators, an indication of the number of events they are attending is displayed when users search for them
    • When searching for events, the number of creators attending is displayed when users search for them
  • Pro Users Only
    • Events: Filtering by Month/Year or Location
    • Creators: Filtering by Month/Year, Event or Profession
  • Creators
    • Can add up to three images of recent work they have produced
    • Can add a link for sketch requests, email, or website link
    • Can update their information including photo, and biography

In the release Mike “Hammer” Sukow, CEO of MyComicGrader said:

We noticed a significant gap in the comic book collectible market. We are very excited about offering a way to grade comics quickly and objectively, regardless if they are submitted to CBCS or CGC. We couldn’t be happier for fellow comic book fans. This is a big step in our plans to automate the process even further than the initial release. We have many additional enhancements planned starting in 2017.

The app determines the grade of comics and allows users to search on eBay for recent sale prices based on those grades. Searching for upcoming conventions as well as the writers, artists, cosplayers and other celebrities that will be attending is also part of the app’s functionality. And if you are looking to get a comic signed by a writer or creator, you can search for Authorized Witnesses and determine the conventions they will be attending.