Rogue One Tops the Box Office While Assassin’s Creed is Game Over

Star Wars Rogue OneEven with some big name competition Rogue One: A Star Wars Story topped the box office with an estimated $64.4 million over the weekend. That’s a drop of 58.5% from the previous weekend and with another estimated $31.7 million on Monday the film sits at $318 million domestically. With $237.4 million in foreign box offices the film has earned $555.5 million so far.

Rogue One sits at fourth in domestic earnings for Star Wars films, eighth when that’s adjusted for inflation, and sixth for worldwide earnings.

The film was followed by a bunch of new film openings. Sing was in second place earning $35.3 million over the three-day weekend and $55.9 million domestically since its opening earlier in the week. With a budget of just $75 million the film should do quite well especially with families over the holiday season especially with an “A” CinemaScore and 72% rating on RottenTomatoes.

In third was Passengers which opened with $14.9 million over the three days and $22.2 since it opened on Wednesday. At a $110 million budget and bad reviews, the film is on shaky ground. It’ll probably need the power of its stars to drive earnings in foreign box offices to come out at the other end doing well.

Why Him? opened in fourth at an estimated $11.1 million over the three days. With a budget of just $38 million the “R” rated film should do fine and make back it’s money.

Finally, in what can only be seen as a disappointment, Assassin’s Creed earned an estimated $10.3 million of the three days and $17.8 million since its open on Wednesday. The film has earned another $14.2 million in foreign box offices and with a budget of $125 million it can only be seen as a flop continuing the video game movie curse. With a 19% on RottenTomatoes and B+ CinemaScore, the film is doomed for game over.

In comic films, Doctor Strange added an estimated $634,000 to its total to drop to 16th from the previous week’s 9th. The film is at $228.3 million domestically and $656.1 million worldwide.

We’ll have more analysis of comic film adaptations in an hour!