Review: Wonder Woman ’77/Bionic Woman #1

wwbw01-cov-a-staggsAs a child who was born in 1977, the television gave way for some true cultural icons. I remember my family owning a big tube TV and all of us having to compromise on what TV shows we would watch, all fifteen of us sisters, brothers, and cousins. There were some shows that one of us quite took onto like my Grandfathers’ favorite show, Hawaii Five-O. Then there were the universally loved TV shows like The Fall Guy and A-Team, it captured all our attention like a tractor beam.

Before the big blockbuster, TV shows and movies, where the superhero genre became a behemoth, all children growing up in the 70s and 80s, had to deal with cheap special effects, in our onscreen adaptations. These are for the most part, laughable now, but some of those shows, we knew and still did not care. One of those shows being Wonder Woman, with the immortal Lynda Carter, where she used to spin around to change her costume. There was also The Bionic Woman, with her super slow motion effects.

For us 70s and 80s babies, Dynamite decided to fulfill some long-imagined team-ups in most of our minds. This time around they brought together Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s Jaime Sommers. In this story, we find a SHIELD type organization recruiting both women for a protective detail, which ends being more either bargained for. By issue’s end, a long-hidden foe is about come out of the mist.

Overall, a series that gives everyone who watched it, those nostalgic feels, even their camaraderie, which is different than most female relationship portrayals. The story by Andy Mangels, is both funny and action paced, pretty much a perfect crossover episode.The art by Judith Tondora, is a cross between realistic and art deco. Altogether, what one hope it would be and expecting the rest of the series to be more of the same.

Story: Andy Mangels Art: Judith Tondora
Story:9 Art: 9 Overall:9 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review