Fandom Uniting Against Donald Trump, LIVE Tonight on Graphic Policy Radio

GP Radio pic MondaySince the election of Donald Trump as President many have been wondering what they can do to make their voice heard, get involved to fight what may be coming, and fight against the hate that’s been unleashed. Many in entertainment and fandom have been voicing their displeasure with the election and are working to add not just their voices but also their talent to the mix. Joining this politically focused episode of Graphic Policy Radio is Andrew Slack, co-founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, and Rafael Shimunov, the Creative Director at Working Families Party. Both will talk about some of their plans and give ideas on how you can get involved.

The show airs LIVE tonight at 10pm ET.

Andrew Slack is the creator and co-founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, Odds In Our Favor, Superman Is An Immigrant, The Rebel Alliance, and now the Hamilton Alliance as he builds a network called imagine Better. He’s the Civic Imagination Fellow at Civic Hall. His work is focused on using the power of stories to unleash the civic imagination through a methodology he calls “cultural acupuncture.” Follow him on Twitter @andrewslack.

Rafael Shimunov is the Creative Director at Working Families Party, a growing progressive party that works inside and outside of the Democratic Party by challenging corporate Democrats with progressive Democrats. Follow him on Twitter @rafaelshimunov.

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Listen in LIVE tonight at 10pm ET.