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Review: Trinity # 2

tri_cv2_ds*Warning Spoilers Below*

“Home or something just like it”

The Holy Trio of the DC Universe are continuing their adventure from last time where they left off. Aside from a very awkward dinner, things just got even weirder.

We find our heroes smack dab in the middle of Smallville in the Kent Family Farm with Superman holding the limp body of none other than Jonathan Kent. To make that even worse Superman is being accused of murdering his father. So how is this possible? Time Travel? Alternate reality? Well before we get bothered by the details, lets just assess the facts. We have Superman and Jonathan Kent alive and well again. Check. Then we have a young pre-teen powered Clark Kent. Check. Also members of the Justice League. Check. Confused yet? Good, here we go…

We start off with young Clark throwing a tantrum and walloping Batman and getting a good sucker punch in on Superman before he goes storming through the roof and out of the barn.

Clark and Bruce both acknowledge that even at this young age Clark packs a punch. Clark then gives Jonathan CPR and is able to revive him. Instead of joy it’s horror on his father’s eyes he sees. Jonathan recognizes the “S” symbol on Superman’s chest and immediately assumes the three must be here to take his son Clark back to whatever world they hail from.

Superman assures Jonathan this isn’t the case and they just want to help. Batman fearing they have some how traveled to the past, advises him to not be tempted to interact too much or they could inadvertently change history somehow.

The story then switches to Jon and Lois back on their farm in Hamilton County. She tells Jon that now his dad is back as Superman full time, there will be some long moments he won’t be around, but he will always come back. She tells him not to worry about what happened at supper (see last issue) and it wasn’t his fault. There will be lots of challenges but he will step up just like his father has. It is really nice to see a writer capture the nurturing side of Lois Lane. It is not one we have been privy to as readers very often but it is one that still fits well within the confines of her character.

The next moment we are back with our heroes in an amusing situation as they find themselves all packed in Jonathan’s pick up and heading into town. Batman’s expression and response is priceless. Jonathan apologizes for their discomfort but he doesn’t know how the people of the town would react to the sight of them. Plus knowing they might not be in a place where they are even supposed to exist, this is the more prudent way to handle things at the moment.

When they arrive they start going over the side of the mountain and see a stream and Superman suddenly gets light headed and Jonathan fishes him right out. Superman in awe of the irony of being saved by his father in this manner starts to open up to him. He tells him that he can’t give him all the answers he may need but that he was more than enough capable of handing his son everything he will need for the future.

While it wasn’t the spectacular outing that the inaugural issue was, this wasn’t bad either.The art by Francis Manapul is just wonderful to look at and I think he handles the Big Three up there with some of the best writers ever. The more calm story beats were the most enjoyable, but I’m not sold on this storyline yet. Also, the cliffhanger reveal at the end left me very underwhelmed. There were some issues following the pace of the story particularly when it comes to distinguishing between Young Clark and Jon. I have faith he can turn it around but I just wish there was a better end of the issue reveal. Here’s to hoping that Manapul injects more Lois and Jon in the mix because they are a delight on the page. Every installment can’t be super but it was still much better than Justice League.

Story: Francis Manapul Art: Francis Manapul
Story: 7 Art: 8.5 Score: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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