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TV Review: The Strain: S3E4 Gone but Not Forgotten

the strain s2 imageA new phase surfaces for the infection and Justine builds a new army while Eichorst plans a counter attack.

The Strain is an interesting one tonight. With the Master out of commission for now, Eichorst has taken control and has decided to make a move to strike back at those who have attacked him.

One can’t help but see some parallels in this episode between the vampire infection/world and that of religious extremism. There’s a mention by Eichorst of 70 virgins and the use of suicide bombers in the episode that makes it pretty clear one can make an argument that this series is a veiled allegory.

In both religious extremism and in this series we have individuals who have perverted a system for their own good, gathering devout followers who don’t question and are willing to give their lives for the cause. In both we see a clash between the factions and modern society. Both, it’s a battle over a book and what it says. In both the actions are unflinching and focused on a goal, while a few perversely gain from it all.

The episode is one that shakes things up a bit too. The infected are acting differently and Goodweather is a bit more focused on what he has to do. Justine too seems to finally come around.

This is a bridge episode, but one that really does a good job of getting things focused and exploring the bigger picture of what this series might be trying to say.

Overall rating: 8.35