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TV Review: The Strain: S3E3 First Born

the strain s2 imageThe Occido Lumen is stolen and Strakian and Fet search for it; Gus and Angel try to keep a secret houseguest from a police sweep; and Quinlan’s reasons for vengeance is unearthed.

The Strain gives us the answer as to who Quinlan is and why he wants to destroy the Master. The information makes the character much more interesting as there’s one aspect in particular that makes the character and his mission that much more fascinating concerning the outcome if he succeeds.

The episode is interesting, packed with action and with solid pacing as Quinlan and Eph gamble to stop the Master… and it’s a big gamble.

Then there’s the story of Angel and Gus. I love Angel. I seriously want a show just about Angel. This aspect is much more grounded in that it has a lot to do with Gus and seeing our loved ones turning and suffering. It humanizes the show in a lot of ways.

The episode ends on a shocking moment and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes as something happens I wasn’t expecting at all. Three seasons in and the show continues to surprise me.

Overall rating: 8.65