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TV Review: The Strain: S3E1 New York Strong

the strain s2 imageIn the third season premiere, the strigoi become faster and smarter; Eph’s son is abducted; Setrakian and Quinlan try to unearth the Lumen’s deepest secrets; and Fet helps the Navy Seals on a deadly mission through the underground tunnels of New York.

If you haven’t been keeping up with The Strain, you might not have to as the third season jumps ahead a bit time wise with the strigoi gaining a greater foothold in the United States.

When the second season ended, I wasn’t sure if we’d be getting a third, and with this beginning it’s clear the creative team has regrouped and decided the best course of action is upping the action and horror a bit.

This first episode is full of it with Seals running around, gun battles, really tense action. It’s really good and a righting of the train so to speak, though the previous two seasons were never bad, just not exciting and great.

We’re getting closer to that great as this first episode kicks us off in a whole bunch of directions, but keeps up the tension and action throughout. There aren’t as many quiet reflective moments, instead bouncing around full of adrenaline.

The episode is also a decent beginning for those who may have missed the first two seasons, something that’s pretty impressive to do. It explains early on where things are, it’s not quite a revamped series, but it’s clearly shifted its focus a bit for the better.

I was hoping we’d get a third season of the show and after this first episode, I can’t wait to see what’s waiting us.

Overall rating: 8.6

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