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TV Review: Outcast Episode S1E9 Close to Home

Outcast CinemaxKyle goes looking for Allison; Megan gets shocking news; and Anderson turns a bad situation into a worse one.

Outcast really shakes things up with this episode, and at the same time provides a very interesting contrast between Kyle and Rev. Anderson.

Based on the Skybound/Image comic by creator Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, this episode really emphasizes that the season has been setting Rev. Anderson and Kyle in opposite directions. As one has gained control over things, the other has been losing control. It’s really interesting and while it’s been going on throughout the season, it becomes very apparent here.

What I think is really great is Kyle’s growth when it comes to his daughter. This is really highlighted here where he’s on his own and has to deal with more domestic things like getting her to school and settled at her new home.

There’s also a big twists when it comes to the women on the show, and the less said the better. The episode really has two big shifts and what’s at the end is especially a solid change that I didn’t see coming.

With one more episode to go, the episode really ups the drama and tension. So much I wasn’t expecting and great to see the series is able to keep me on my toes this many episodes in. The series continues to impress and I can’t wait to see how the first season wraps up. Much like The Walking Dead, this series has elevated a genre that has played out and breathed new life into it.

Overall Rating: 8.65