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Black Light District: Comics and Music to Save the World

Jesse Blaze Snider and co-writer/producer Will Knox’s groundbreaking online comic book/music anthology will appear in print for the very first time this October from Image Comics.

Black Light District features six epic illustrated stories set to the music of geek culture-inspired “Black Light District” EP, with art contributions from these stellar talents: Chris Burnham, Phil Hester, Jason Pearson, Andrea Tamme, David Witt, J.K. Woodward, Michael Spicer, Erik Larsen, and Chris Eliopoulos.

In Black Light District, comics and music come together to tell six separate stories with one thing in common: everything is at stake.

Black Light District: Six Issues (ONE SHOT) (Diamond code: AUG160593) hits comic book stores Wednesday, October 12th.

Black Light District

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