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TV Review: Outcast Episode S1E7 The Damage Done

Outcast CinemaxKyle and Allison reconnect to their past; and Rev. Anderson overdoes it during Remembrance Day.

Outcast is fascinating in this seventh episode which moves so many stories forward and by doing so gives us parallel stories that make each other stronger.

Based on the Skybound/Image comic by creator Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, this episode is about Megan Holter and Allison Baker who both express or come to realize what has happened to them. Both in their different ways are violated and it’s almost this dual track is to emphasize that.

I can’t say for sure if Kirkman has purposely used the demonic possession trope as a way to explore rape and violating a person’s body, but this is the episode that makes me think there’s something there.

It’s an emotionally powerful episode for both characters and actresses who explore and express their pain in different ways. Both create the same result, a heartbreaking episode.

There’s also Remembrance Day which we learn is the death of numerous miners in the town. That results in a meltdown by Rev. Anderson, but what’s more interesting is that it’s also used to show off Kyle’s power. His touching of individuals and their reactions is a fascinating touch that shows how infected the town is.

This episode is an amazing one where so many stories move forward and the actors give emotional performances that are all top notch. A fantastic episode of a series that’s delivered so consistently.

Overall Rating: 8.65