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eBay data reveals decade’s most popular fandoms

A set of data released by eBay today has revealed a quantifiable list of the fifteen most popular fandoms over the last decade. The data was calculated based on the number of worldwide eBay sales per franchise from the years 2006 to 2015. Also included was a list of 2015’s most popular franchises, based on growth in sales.

The results may (or may not) surprise you.

Biggest Franchises of All Time eBay Data

Star Wars sits comfortably at #1, with a nearly $380m lead over Batman, which holds the #2 position. Transformers rounds out the top three most popular franchises over the last decade, followed by Pokémon and Star Trek sliding into the top five. Superman, Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, The Walking Dead, and Lord of the Rings make it into the top ten franchises, and Naruto, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, X-Men, and South Park finish out the list.

In terms of sales velocity,

  • One Star Wars item is sold every 14 seconds
  • One Pokémon item is sold every 28 seconds
  • One Batman item is sold every 37 seconds
  • One Transformers item is sold every 60 seconds
  • One Superman item is sold every 72 seconds
  • One Harry Potter item is sold every 75 seconds

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, the franchise’s average sales over the last decade have increased by 57 percent. One Pokémon-related item is now sold every 12 seconds.

Highest Growth Franchises in Last Year eBay Data

This year’s most popular franchises are Mr. Robot, with a growth that’s up 414 percent from last year. Preacher is up 288 percent and Suicide Squad follows with 160 percent growth. Deadpool gained another 155 percent in terms of fan growth, and Game of Thrones nearly doubled its buying on eBay. The rest of the top ten includes Captain America, Superman, X-Men, Transformers, and Batman, and Star Wars, Pokémon, Star Trek, Dr. Strange, and Harry Potter all fall in the top fifteen.

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