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Review: Goldie Vance #4

GoldieVance_004_A_MainDespite its promotion to an ongoing series, Hope Larson and Brittney Williams’s Goldie Vance #3 ended on something of a sour note.

Goldie’s at-times-unwelcome penchant for sleuthing got her into some hot water when Big Boss Mr. Maple caught her trying to do right, but using a guest’s car to do it. This all came to a head when Goldie lost her job, thanks to Maple’s daughter, Sugar.

It’s a testament to Goldie’s character that even this setback didn’t throw her off the case. Instead, she used her considerable smarts to find new leads, which served to set up Goldie Vance #4, the final issue of the first arc. The arc concludes in a manner that will likely satisfy readers. The story answers all of the pressing questions, while others are a little more open-ended. It’s the perfect conclusion for the first arc, definitively ending one story while leaving it open for more. (And there will be more. Yay!)

Goldie Vance #4 carries the same consistent pacing the story has had throughout. Williams’s art and Stern’s coloring work in tandem to amp up the adrenaline, making the issue fly like Goldie in a street race. Both art and coloring lend a slightly fantastical element to the comic, pulling through some of the other more magical elements from previous issues–the race, the scramble for Ludwig’s pendant, Goldie’s mom totally being a real mermaid. As always, the art is bouncy and expressive, perfect for the story being told.

The coloring has always been a vital aspect of the comic, with a bright and warm palette that gives it an inviting feel. Stern uses color to give each page a distinct mood and the noticeable difference in the everyday palette and the action palette is well-balanced. The strategic use of the “action” colors create the electric energy that makes the arc finale so exciting.

Goldie Vance is the perfect series for all readers. Readers of all ages will likely enjoy Goldie’s tenacity, stubborn curiosity, and determination to do the right thing, and the puzzling and at times otherworldly whodunit is a sure attention-grabber.

Goldie Vance will return with Goldie Vance #5 in September.

Story: Hope Larson Art: Brittney Williams
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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