Review: The Fix #4

thefix_04-1If you like depraved idiots trying to escape certain death, nineties fashion, and dogs, Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s crime comic The Fix has you covered. If you’re not caught up on the escapades of two scheming cops and their beagle nemesis, the first three issues are already on their fourth, third, and second printings, available in stores with The Fix #4.

If the previous issue was Mac-light, the latest issue focuses on giving Mac a little more depth of character. Mac Brundo is a romantic at heart. So far, Roy has been the brains (phrase used loosely) of the operation while Mac plays the Hawaiian shirt clad sidekick. The Fix #4 unravels some of Mac’s past while edging the plot toward conflict…and maybe a few twists Roy and Mac didn’t bargain for.

Despite the presence of two main characters and a number of important side characters in the story, the comic never lists too heavily toward one specific aspect. The issue’s focus on Mac doesn’t take away from the larger plot, but allows readers to get a glimpse of what Mac has been up to while Roy is framing coworkers and bodyguarding starlets. While the story is well-crafted and the recurrence of the kombucha guzzling, kale loving Josh is a constant reminder that failure isn’t an option for Roy and Mac, it’s at times difficult to remember what the end goal is. 

As always, one of the series’ main strengths is the interplay between writing and art. It’s obvious that Spencer and Lieber understand each other, and the level of humor they’re able to achieve on the page is often laugh-out-loud funny. The hilarity of the series hasn’t waned in four issues thanks to superb timing and well thought out visual puns and jokes.

Lieber’s art is consistent but never boring. Minute details like enlarged details within individual panels, the characters’ fashion, and the…items they regurgitate…ensure that the art is never monotonous. Ryan Hill’s coloring follows a more neutral palette this issue, with pops of color that, combined with Nic J. Shaw’s lettering, add vibrancy to an already punchy comic.

Together, these elements form a well-constructed comic well worth reading for its story, humor, and art.

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Steve Lieber
Story: 9.2 Art: 10 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review