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Valiant’s X-O Manowar Countdown To Fifty: Issue #47


This year will see the release of Valiant‘s X-O Manowar #50, signalling the end of the line for one of the publisher’s signature series, and as part of the push to send the series off with a bang each issue from #47-#50 will include some kind pack in gift (either one of 50 different mini art prints, or some full blown custom artwork) included within the poly bagged comic. Alex and Brett decided to pick up the print version of X-O Manowar #47 and sit down for a cup of coffee tea and have a bit of a chat.

There are absolutely no spoilers for the story below. You can read a review of the comic here.

Alex: Did you open the comic yet?

Brett: Yup, got a Jay Fabares art card. It’s a cool addition, but unfortunately the card dinged the comic.

Alex: I have an Adam Gorham print. It looks pretty cool, but I’d have preferred if it was loose within the poly bag so it wasn’t stuck to the comic itself. A bigger size wouldn’t go amiss, either, but I guess that’s the point of a mini print.

On the bright side, however, if you mail a self addressed envelope to Valiant they’ll send you a print back, which is cool. I may do that once the Canada Post strike is over. So if you don’t want to extricate the print from the comic you may not have too.

image1Brett: I didn’t know that part. That’s actually pretty cool. Was your comic dinged at all? My back cover and the front has a slight bend/dent to it due to the print (I think).

Alex: No, mines in decent shape, I think. Probably because I had it in a bag and board right away at the shop, so it didn’t bend in my bag as I walked home. Or maybe I was just lucky.

Brett: Ah, I checked a bunch at the shop I was at and it was consistent. It might have been how they have their display, but it seems like an issue, just not sure how widespread it is. Thankfully I’m not one who completely loses their mind at the slightest imperfection.

Alex: Yeah, maybe. I should say there is a slight mark on the front cover, but I have only just noticed that because of the way the sun shone on the cover as I put the comic down, but nothing that I’d loose my mind over, or would have put there myself in time. But that’s a very small price to pay for a free mini print – whether I take it out or not is an entirely different question.

Brett: Yeah, I’m debating about that. I like the print, but not really enough to put it in a frame or anything. So I’ll probably leave it in there for now.

IMG_20160630_241239188Alex: Me too. I may send off for another, see what I get back. It’s certainly not worth potentially damaging the comic to put it in a frame – especially when I have nowhere to put it at the moment.

Brett: Yeah, now that I know I can send it off. I might do the same. Hell why not, it’s kind of fun in a weird way.

Alex: It’s like an old school mail in thing. I’m probably more excited about it than I should be.

Brett: Naw, I kind of am too. There’s not enough of that sort of thing in comics now.

Alex: It’s great publicity for them, really. I think it’s a smart move, too, because unless you follow the link in the comic, you may not find the link right away – which is another smart move on their behalf, I think.

Brett: Yeah it is. A good way to potentially get data on customers too.

Alex: Would it be an effective way of getting the data, or would it just give them an idea as to the buying habits? Honestly, data collection like that never crossed my mind, though, eh?

Brett: Maybe I’m just really evil like that?

Alex: …. uh…. that’s rhetorical, right? Heh, in all seriousness, that’s totally more your wheelhouse than mine, so data collection like that is typically something I’d never think of, but it does make complete sense

Brett: Yeah, who knows, maybe they aren’t even thinking that. But then again, it’s a good way to go about it.

Alex: It really is. Mutually beneficial to both fans and the company.

Brett: Yup! You’ve talked me into sending away for one. I want to see what happens.

Alex: Now if only I could talk you into giving me a raise…

Brett: Like I get paid myself….


Join us next month as we take a peek at what’s included with issue #48.

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