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Review: Elasticator #4

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.34.36 PMThough writer A.C. Medina and artist Kevin Shah have largely avoided the usual superhero tropes thus far, it’s pretty impossible to have a superhero story without the main character going through a little bit of hell first.

A little bit of hell is exactly what’s headed Mikey’s way in Elasticator #4. In a departure from previous issues, the cover looks like something straight out of Mad Max: Fury Road. The previous issue ended with Mikey’s fate hanging in the balance after taking a serious beating. Regardless of whether the intent was to draw a subtle comparison to Mad Max, the effect is something of a haunting reminder: The only people in control are the ones at the top of the food chain.

As always, humanity is placed first and foremost in the story, pitted against the cold and unforgiving politics that run Mikey’s Brooklyn. Elasticator #4 fills in a lot of the gaps of the story so far, rounding out details of Mikey’s past and keeping the reader updated on what Mikey’s mom is going through during his absence. The emphasis on characters outside of the superpowered Mikey reinforces the sheer humanity of the story. Brooklyn is Mikey’s home, but it belongs to others. What happens to Mikey happens to others, and what happens to Mikey has consequences on others. The overall effect of this special emphasis is like watching a slingshot stretch as the tension in the story builds. Sooner or later, it’s inevitable that something’s going to give.

Shah’s art still brings the series balance. The panel layout helps the story maintain its fast pace with innovative designs that create movement to match the action in the story, and coupled with the bright colors and expressive characters, it’s a great mix. The unique and non-static panels give the series a more intimate feel by subtly highlighting movement and elements of the environment within each frame.

Elasticator is the perfect comic for geeks interested in, well, geeky things and politics. While this issue focuses less on the politics than its predecessors, no hero would be complete without an origin story and Elasticator, as usual, delivers.

Story: A.C. Medina Art: Kevin Shah
Story: 10.0 Art: 10.0 Overall: 10.0 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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