TV Review: Outcast Episode S1E2 (I Remember) When She Loved Me

Outcast CinemaxWarning his congregation about the evil in their town, Anderson encourages two parishioners, Patricia and Mildred, to be part of his ‘righteous army.’ Kyle takes matters into his own hands regarding his mother. Chief Giles and Mark Holter (Megan’s husband) of the Rome PD investigate a macabre forest ritual. Sarah receives an ominous visit.

The second episode of Outcast is an interesting one in that it runs a dual narrative whose job it is to get us moving to the conflict to come, but also continue to introduce us to Kyle Barnes, the main character played by Patrick Fugit.

Based on the Skybound/Image comic by creator Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, the series is a twist on a genre perfected by The Exorcist, but mixed with a small town aesthetic and sub plots of abuse within the family, the series continues to stand out on its own.

As I said, the episode’s focus is to get the ball really rolling and we see that primarily through Anderson and the police investigation. These clearly malicious forces and most likely the mutilation of animals is tied to the possessions that are happening throughout the area. How they’re connected is the big question.

But, while that’s being sent up, the heart of the show is Barnes. We learn more about his experience with his mother as well as his former wife and daughter. All of this while he attempts to integrate into a town that’s weary of him. The apprehension is clear as Fugit deftly plays it all with a slightly withdrawn twist that feels like he’s feeling out the world around him. You can see his weariness of beginning to turn his life around and getting things in order, all the while trying to figure out what’s going on. Mix that all in with a sadness about it all that’s clearly delineated between Barnes and those he interacts with. There’s a dark cloud that seems to follow him and the show plays that off well.

We’re two episodes in and the series feels beyond tense as it builds what’s to come. While the subject of it all may seem familiar, the show is setting itself apart with fantastic acting and little details that sets it apart.

ngOverall Rating: 7.95