The Conjuring 2 Opens Big, While Warcraft is Mixed

conjuring 2It was three new films at the top of the box-office this weekend. The Conjuring 2 came in first place earning an estimated $40.4 million. That’s really close to the first film’s $41.8 million start back in 2013. The film earned $90 million worldwide which more than double the film’s $40 million production budget.

In second place was Warcraft which earned $24.4 million domestically. That number isn’t all that great for a film with a $160 million budget, but it has earned an additional $261.7 million in foreign markets for a total of $286.1 million so far. The film earned most of its money in China with a $156 million haul and it now holds a record in that country for its earnings. So, its results are mixed and the film will likely be counted as a success there and a failure here in the US. Expect reporters to forget there is a market beyond the US borders though when it comes to assessments and success/failure lists at the end of the year.

Now You See Me 2 came in third with an estimated $23 million. The previous film earned $29.3 million.

In comic related film news….

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows dropped to fourth adding $14.8 million to its domestic total which stands at $61 million currently. The film has earned $116.3 million worldwide so far.

X-Men: Apocalypse was fifth this weekend earning $10 million. The film has earned $136.4 million domestically and $478.5 million worldwide.

Finally, Captain America: Civil War added $4.3 million to its total. The film is at $396.9 million domestically and $1.142 billion worldwide.

Next weekend sees the opening of Finding Dory which will easily top the box office.

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