Review: The Fix #3

The Fix #3Spoiler alert: Roy and Mac have been Hydra all along.

Kidding. Too soon.

Regardless of what’s happening on the Big Two side of life, The Fix #3 provides more of the same snarky humor present in the first two issues. Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber depart from the world of Josh’s Joy Division bluegrass cover group to follow Roy as he carries out his new security detail plan. While the issue is Mac-light, it does provide some unexpected paths for the plot to follow in the coming issues.

So far, each issue has been a direct continuation of the next, making for a cohesive story with a pretty clear goal for the characters. The humor is easily one of the best aspects of the story, due in equal parts to Roy and Mac being their morally bankrupt selves and to the details Lieber sneaks into the art. What sets the story apart from others like it, however, is its political awareness. Roy may act like an idiot much of the time, but he also provides an interesting and insightful social commentary as he goes about his goal of outsmarting a beagle.

As usual, Lieber’s art enhances the wit of the story. The characters’ facial expressions are hilariously expressive and something that readers can instantly relate to. The writing and art mesh seamlessly, playing off of the strengths of the other. Nic J. Shaw‘s lettering and design also helps to ensure that the humor hits with maximum impact. Ryan Hill’s colors are spectacular, and set the tone of the story with a rainbow array of vibrant hues.

The Fix #3 ends with something of a cliffhanger that suggests Roy and Mac may be in over their heads, and while this isn’t a new concept, it also suggests that their problems might be bigger than expected. Spencer and Lieber are a talented team (as indicated by the comic going into second and third reprintings) and The Fix continues to earn its spot as a regular read.

If you can’t get enough of The Fix, be sure to check out Graphic Policy contributor Anthony Spataro’s interview with artist Steve Lieber!

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Steve Lieber Colors: Ryan Hill Design/Lettering: Nic J. Shaw
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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