Review: Monstress #6

Monstress06_CoverAs with previous issues, Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda bring a level of storytelling to Monstress that’s unlikely to be found elsewhere in the comic industry.

While there are arguments for and against story summaries at the beginning of comics, it’s often helpful in reading Monstress. The story is never simply an overload of facts, but it is incredibly multifaceted and, on occasion, it’s easy to miss finer details. Monstress #5 left Maika’s fate at the hands of Corvin D’Oro, a member of the Arcanic Dusk Court, and #6 picks up immediately after, with Maika imprisoned once again.

The story’s pacing has been one of its (many) strengths, with plot points occurring in quick succession and just enough supplementary information to keep readers informed on what’s important. Liu makes use of the good kind of guessing to keep the plot fresh and interesting each issue, and Monstress #6. Power and humanity, which have been an underlying themes throughout the story, are brought to the forefront in this issue, as many forces, including Maika herself, grapple for control of Maika and her inner monster.

As Maika develops, so does Kippa, a character who often praises Maika’s strength but displays many strengths of her own, including loyalty and bravery. Monstress showcases strength in many forms through its female characters. Each character has a distinct appearance and personality that informs their reaction to the very dark and real tragedies that befall them. It’s an aspect of the story that allows readers to relate to the characters, even if no one has experienced this alternate version of 1900s Asia.

Sana Takeda’s art is as breathtaking as it has ever been, with character designs that push the boundaries of the usual fantasy types. The amount of detail that goes into each panel is an amazing feat, another aspect of the story that elevates it above and beyond an average fantasy story. The panel layout maximizes the space of the page, giving Monstress a larger than life feel.

The story is an incredibly huge undertaking, and Liu and Takeda keep readers guessing as to where it will go next. If it hasn’t already claimed a spot on your pull list, Monstress is absolutely deserving of it.

Story: Marjorie Liu Art: Sana Takeda
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review