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Captain America: Civil War’s $25 million Thursday, Below BvS.

Captain America Civil WarThe Thursday night screening numbers are in and Captain America: Civil War raked in an estimated $25 million. That’s the tenth largest Thursday night number of all-time. Avengers: Age of Ultron brought in $27.6 million and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice brought in $27.7 million. Both of those films earned over $80 million on Friday.

The film has been playing internationally where it has earned $291.2 million so far after a bit over a week. That doesn’t include the reported $30.6 million the film earned in China on its opening day. That number hasn’t been verified yet.

Captain America: Civil War is projected to top $200 million for the weekend and if it doesn’t reach that mark one wonders if we’ll see talk of the film not meeting expectations. Age of Ultron‘s Thursday was similar and the film fell short with $191.2 million.

Fandango has announced that the film generated “record-breaking advance ticket sales” and is the #1 pre-selling superhero movie of all time. With the film not quite beating previous film’s Thursdays one would think we might see packed theaters Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The film also is opening in more premium theaters (but fewer theaters than Age of Ultron) which brings higher ticket sales and will of course impact the opening numbers.

The film also has a reported budget of $250 million, $80 million more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How the film is compared to BvS, which has a similar budget, will be interesting.

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