Review: B.E.K: Black Eyed Kids #1

STL000944This issue sets out to establish tone more than anything else. Focusing on a young sleepwalking boy named Michael, the story also encompasses locals noticing the appearance of black-eyed kids (yes, even if it’s in the title, I still have to say it) as they make their presence known in the community.

Mostly just by walking around being black-eyed kids.

This book is #1.99. In an era of rising prices, with DC and Marvel hitting the $4.99 mark, $1.99 is a big deal. So, here’s the $1.99 review: This book is a fast read that delivers on its creepy-kid concept. It’s dark and doesn’t shy away from violence. Hopefully once the story builds, this horror concept will make this a gripping book. For $1.99, it is well worth the investment and the fun.

Here’s the review without any consideration of price: The book is called Black Eyed Kids and it delivers that and only that. Who are the black eyed kids? They’re… the kids with black eyes. What do they want? I… I don’t know. Who’s Michael? Well, he’s the main character, I guess, which is to say he’s the only character who has his name said more than once. He sleeps walks and has a sister and neither of those statements are always true.

So, the problem is, if you aren’t holding that book in your hand aware of what an amazing deal you got it… if you’re one of those people who grabs a stack of books and pays for them without knowing what each one cost… you’re going to feel gypped. This book fails to go much further than its pitch. Actually, it doesn’t get that far because a pitch usually has a twist or a plot summary. This is somebody saying, “I read a creepy pasta about kids with black eyes and I think I know someone who could draw that.”

That sounds super cynical. Maybe it is. When I started buying comics they were a dollar. If Magneto bloviated through most of the issue, it didn’t matter, it was drawn by Jim Lee and I’d only spent a dollar. If the artist broke his hand halfway through but kept drawing, it didn’t matter because it was only a dollar. If it was ridiculous that Batman was fighting a guy with marionette, it didn’t matter because it was a dollar. The era of rising prices means we get to demand more from comic books. Marvel and DC see it as a way to cover their losses, not an obligation to match their quality to their price.

It’s not a bad thing to say B.E.K.: Black Eyed Kids #1 is $1.99 and worth every penny. It’s a good thing. We’re supposed to be able to pick up a bunch of comics for $20 and go home and enjoy them, not four books for $20 that “pave the way” to a tie-in to a movie based on a story I’ve already spent $50 on!

Sorry… Back on topic.

Pick this book up and enjoy it. It’s only $1.99!

Disagree? Thing I’m old because of what comics used to cost? Care to tell me how much they were when you started buying? Tell me in the comments or on Twitter.

Story: Guy Major Art: Marshal Dillon
Story: 5 Art: 7 Overall: 6 Recommendation: Buy (Seriously, just do it!)

Aftershock Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review


  • Couldn’t agree more regarding price. I’ve basically dropped all of my monthly Big 2 books at this point.

    • If they were better I would do it. I don’t need to pay $5 to buy an advertisement for a movie I’m already going to see.

  • I just started collecting comics “again” and I’m on an anthology kick, I have ordered some classics and cant wait to read them “tales from the crypt” I heard about this “comic” BEK I love supernatural/ghosts/urban legend type of storylines.