TV Review: Supergirl S1E20 Better Angels

Melissa Benoist Supergirl 1Supergirl is forced to do battle with an unexpected enemy as she risks everything – including her life – to stop Non and Indigo from destroying everyone on Earth.

CBSSupergirl wraps up her first season as she takes on Non and Indigo in freeing the people of her city and then thing escalate. That issue is resolved rather quickly which is interesting and definitely caught me off guard.

But that false ending (in a way) is just the end of that plan, and instead there’s a bigger plan out there, kind of a scorched Earth policy by Non and Indigo.

That leads to a big showdown that has ok action and a meh ending.

The episode is really about its heart which is shown just before the battle as Kara/Supergirl realizes she might not return from the fight, and the end of the episode where Kara deals with Cat and then her friends. That’s where they show does best I think and here it’s cute and sweet in a way.

The episode has some good and some bad and feels a bit anti-climactic and the resolution to the battle with Non is just ok.

But, the end of the episode is really cool in that it sets up a possibly exciting second season if the show is back. There’s a mystery, a job change, some relationship stuff. A lot is wrapped up and a lot is set up!

Supergirl sputtered a bit, but this episode had more than enough to show off why this show is fantastic and why it’s needed on the air. Here’s to a super first season and hopefully a super second one.

Overall rating: 7.6