Jackie Earle Haley Joins The Tick

jackie earle haleyDeadline has reported that Jackie Earle Haley is headed to The Tick, racking up another comic role for the actor. The actor will play The Terror, who is described as “our world’s epitome of the criminal mastermind, a hooded ancient villain barking at his minions whose incredible will power and tenacity have powered an underworld syndicate for decades.”

Peter Serafinowicz will be suiting up as the The Tick and in this version the character will be recovering from memory loss and reteaming with Arthur to fight evil. Arthur in this version is labeled as schizophrenic due to his statements that evil plans to rule the city and no one believes him. Tick creator Ben Edlund will executive produce the pilot.

Rumors of a Tick revival have been around since 2014 with the show gaining steam these last few months.

This is the fourth comic property for Haley who had been Rorschach in Watchmen and was also on Human Target based on the Vertigo series as well as the upcoming Preacher on AMC.