Kevin Keller returns in June with New Digital-First Series Life With Kevin from Dan Parent and J. Bone

Kevin Keller is back – and he’s brought some friends.

Fans will get a chance to see an older, more mature Kevin in the new digital-first series Life With Kevin, hitting in June from writer/artist Dan Parent and inker J. Bone.

Coming first to the Archie App and digital comics platforms in June, Life With Kevin will explore Kevin’s life after high school and college as he ventures beyond the cozy confines of Riverdale and into a new world of challenges and opportunities in the big city.

Longtime Life With Kevin writer/artist Dan Parent will resume those duties for the much-anticipated digital-first series with Eisner Award-nominated inker J. Bone to bring Kevin and his new friends to life for a whole new readership.

While the series promises to explore the world beyond Riverdale, Kevin’s BFF Veronica will be making her presence known along with a few new additions to Kevin’s supporting cast.

Life With Kevin will feature the same humor and charm Kevin has become known for, Parent assures fans the new book – slated as a four-issue mini-series to start – will also present the character in a way fans have never seen him before.

Life With Kevin will be available digitally on the Archie App and other digital comics platforms starting in June!