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The Powerpuff Girls Want Kids to Code

Cartoon NetworkCoinciding with the White House Science Fair today, Cartoon Network debuted a trailer for an upcoming coding-themed episode of The Powerpuff Girls and launched the first in a series of coding PSA’s.

Cartoon Network is collaborating with the White House on its Computer Science for All initiative, a movement focused on making coding and other hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning an integral part of every student’s education.

The upcoming episode and PSA are part of Cartoon Network’s overall $30 million commitment to inspire the next generation of creators by engaging with kids at the intersection of art and technology. The PSA is the first in a series that the network will release highlighting for kids that they can learn coding as a means to express ideas, craft stories and create art.

In the Powerpuff Girls episode, which will air later this year, the girls work together and use computer science to solve a problem and face down a foe. This is part of the network’s ongoing commitment to using its programming to promote creative coding to its audience.

Cartoon Network is also collaborating with Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, to provide coding activities for kids through Scratch’s creative coding environment that feature Cartoon Network characters from shows including The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears.

Check out the trailer for the coding-themed episode of The Powerpuff Girls.

And the Creative Coding PSA.