Review: Elasticator #2

stl000603Though most hero comics feature grown men running around in potentially embarrassing outfits, many are at the core about humanity. Writer A.C. Medina carries the theme of humanity in Elasticator, a story in which title character is a superhero with a focus greater than himself.

Like the previous issue, Elasticator snaps back and forth between time periods, catching readers up on what happened between Mikey’s move to Brooklyn and his arrest. The last few pages advance the present-day plot, further exploring the control Brother V is gaining over Brooklyn.

In our interview with Medina, he spoke about how Brooklyn isn’t only the backdrop for the events of the story, it’s a character who’s part of the story. This is further emphasized in Elasticator #2, where just as much time is devoted to giving context to the complex socioeconomic systems that exist in Brooklyn as is given to introducing and developing human characters. It’s a smart and ambitious story, and now that the initial exposition is out of the way, readers get to dig right into the corporate and political corruption at the heart of it all.

In further exploring the motivations behind Mikey’s actions and his relationship with Tiggy, the reader is given context for the social and economic conditions that brought about the current situation. The story is climbing closer to a crescendo where Mikey’s narrative will intersect with real-time events, though what happens between now and then is anyone’s guess. The action throughout the story is unpredictable, but the pacing of both the dialogue and action is good.

Kevin Shah’s art is beautifully fluid. His style lends itself to the large amount of movement present in the story and it complements Mikey’s narrative. The expressive movement and faces and vivid color palette keep the story visually interesting while also preventing it from becoming too grim and dark. It’s fun to look at, which helps make the story fun to read.

Elasticator’s second issue was another strong effort. The narrative does get a little confusing when navigating time in the story, but the story builds intrigue throughout the issue. It’s well worth reading for the fast-paced dialogue and action.

Story: A.C. Medina Art: Kevin Shah
Story: 7.5 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Read