TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E13 Hometown Heroes

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero, visits the Stash and patrols Red Bank with the guys. Walt reminisces about an iconic Hulk toy.

Well, two episodes in a row is what it looks like for this series to do before reverting back to it’s less than ideal ways.

The episode has some interesting moments that don’t go enough into details. There’s a guy purchasing a Son of Satan comic, which would have been a great opportunity to discuss the character and the comics code. But, the discussion is pretty light and while there’s some discussion of the history of the character, there’s definitely not enough.

There’s also a segment of a guy selling a Hulk belt. It’s an interesting segment in that it’s an item I’ve never seen and it’d have been great to discuss a lot more about it, but again there’s not much discussion, not even the complete item is shown.

Finally, a third segment has a guy selling a one of a kind mask he made. While it is interesting, but the more interesting discussion of the fact this guy commissioned the mask to be made is glossed over. Again, a missed opportunity.

The majority of the episode is about Phoenix Jones, and while it’s fascinating to hear his story (a topic I’m interested in), it doesn’t have a lot to do with a comic book store, the general geekdom world sure. And this leads to them going on one of their adventures which felt more like it was making fun of Jones, their guest.

The episode slips into old habits, has a bit of a mean streak when it comes to Jones, and misses a lot of easy opportunities. Just a bad episode overall.

Overall rating: 6.8