TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E12 Baby Jay

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Jason Mewes brings his baby daughter to the Stash so she can meet the guys. A customer sells a collection of comic book Slurpee cups.

This episode is another interesting one in that it focuses on the basics with just Jason Mewes stopping by with his daughter, but the episode’s buying and selling segments, especially two of them, that are the most interesting.

Mewes’ segment with his daughter Logan is quite but not all that memorable. There’s some fun with it, especially where the guys give a gift and the discussion of Mewes as a father. But, the episode feels more like a “where are they now” more than anything. Cute, but forgettable.

What I think is most interesting are the three buying and selling segments. The two segments of folks selling get intriguing and the purchasing segment has some potential that isn’t quite reached. With the person buying, she’s after a Leatherface toy. While it’s interesting to hear her talk about the toy, and the guys too, there’s some points touched upon that aren’t completely discussed enough, the uproar over the toy and taking toys out of their package.

The selling segments are interesting. The first involves a lot of comic related cups from 7-Eleven. I’ve never seen the cups myself, so getting the history about it is really good. But, the enthusiasm shown is where it’s really interesting. There’s some good discussion of why they’re important and what the big deal is part of the highlight, but the guys geeking out about the art displayed is also very cool.

The final selling segment involves a MEGO Batcave, and here’s what I’d like to see more of. While a few are excited to see the toy other staff mock it. We haven’t seen division over an item like this, I think ever. To see some debate whether something is cool or fun or interesting is actually interesting, and I hope we see more of it in the future.

The episode sticks to the basics, but also gives us something that’s a little new. It’s not groundbreaking television, but to hear some different opinions and see some enthusiasm is really nice.

Overall rating: 7.4