A First Look At Voltron: Legendary Defender


Voltron fans rejoice! Or shake your head in shame, today we got a glimpse of what Voltron is going to look like in the Netflix reboot Voltron Legendary Defender. This was just an unexpected announcement, especially since WonderCon is giving fans a sneak peak video. I wasn’t expecting to see anything until Friday night or early Saturday. Also we got some details about the show. The 1st season is going to be 13 episodes long, most of the characters are recognizable except for one. Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Princess Allura are back but missing is Sven, I believe they are replacing him with a character named Shiro. Netflix, like they have with most of their original programming will be delving into the back-story of all the major characters, which I think would be great as it will give some depth to the show, which I think is why daredevil has done so well and the same goes for Arrow on the CW.

So you may be asking yourself what my reaction is to this screen shot of Voltron in action. To be honest, at first I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t have a positive feel nor a negative feeling, I think I was just in pure shock as to what I was seeing. First off he looks similar to the original Voltron, which I figured he would when they showed the silhouette of him with the Voltron name art. In assessing how I felt, I had to remember that this is a reboot, not a pick up where the original series left off. With that said, I am pretty excited to see how the show is going to pan out. The creative team behind the show is impressive with Lauren Montgomery (Superman/Batman Apocalypse), Joaquim Dos Santos (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and writer Tim Hedrick (The Legend of Kora) and those shows have done pretty well.

At the end of the day it’s just a screen shot, I think Voltron looks great with the modern twist, the story is still going to appeal to the diehards like me while also trying to appeal to the younger generation, which in my last article (which you can read here if you haven’t already) I stated that would be essential. Also, Playmates  teamed up with Voltron to make an epic toy line which I was really hoping for with the new series so things are looking positive. I can’t wait to see the footage fans are going to be shown at WonderCon this Friday. It’s going to be exciting