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Affleck Says Daughter, Not Son, Can See Batman v Superman

affleck batmanA certain award winning site ran a craptacular clickbait headline cherry picking information to create a sensationalist article suckering readers in for the clicks concerning actor Ben Affleck being concerned his son was too young to see Batman v Superman. The title of the article? That’d be “Affleck Says Son Is Too Young for ‘BvS”: “I Don’t Want Him to Have Nightmares.”

Well, two can play that game…

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter Affleck, who plays Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, commented on his children being able to go see the PG-13 film. In the interview, Affleck said he thought his four year old son was too young to see the film, not wanting him to have nightmares. A decision that’s completely reasonable (and responsible) for a parent. However, his oldest daughter Violent, who is 10, can see the film.

See how the fact his son is four is key information that makes things a hell of a lot less sensationalist?

His children are part of the reason Affleck took on the role, and he’s looking for ways to edit the film so his son can see it, though as he states his son as a short attention span so the two minute trailers work for now.

On a more serious note a friend of the site saw the film’s premiere last night and I’ll just quote his reaction:

WAY different that expected. WAY more than I hoped for. HUGE win. Until this point, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Marvel junkie. DC might have just caught up. Go. Soon and often.

PS: Affleck’s Batman was great. No one was more surprised than me.

When asked the age appropriateness for the film, the friend of the site is planning on bringing his 6 year old and wasn’t concerned about the violence as much as the plotline which younger children might not totally get.

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