TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E11 Insta-Ming

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Ming gets a selfie stick and tries to go viral filming behind-the-scenes looks at the Stash. Walt takes a look at bootleg toys of an ’80s blockbuster.

The series gets back to some basics with this episode focusing on comics an toys, and other than the roundtable discussion, the episode takes place in the store.

Each product segment is focused on people trying to selling, which is interesting, and there’s some discussion as to what the items are for and why they’re important. In a nutshell, this is the basic function of the show, and when compared to “zany experiences,” the basic is where the show does some of its best work.

There’s something solid about that it all too. A couple of the items I’ve never seen before and the show does a decent job as to explaining why they’re important and what’s interesting about each one.

There is the ongoing story about Ming and the selfie stick which is somewhat entertaining and goofy. There maybe could have been something more done with that aspect, but it was still funny.

The episode was basic in many ways, and it works because of that. Here’s hoping we see more of this and less crazy adventures.

Overall rating: 7.6