TV Review: Supergirl S1E16 Falling

Melissa Benoist Supergirl 1Kara has a major personality change after being exposed to Red Kryptonite. As her friends and the citizens of National City face a malicious and dangerous Supergirl, Cat appears as a guest on “The Talk.”

CBSSupergirl takes Kara for an evil spin as she’s exposed to Red Kryptonite and while I’ll say the episode is generally good, it also feels like we’ve seen this sort of thing a lot in comics, or even television. The episode has Kara slowly change, and it’s an interesting one that lets actress Melissa Benoist stretch her legs (and her cape) a bit with the character.

The episode has a lot of winks and nods to previous entertainment, and there’s a great nod to Superman’s evil turn in the bland Superman III, peanuts, mirror and all.

But, the episode also feels somewhat original and interesting in that it does a nice inner look about the character herself and what she stands for as a character. That to me is the more interesting thing, and I’d have rather had the episode focus on that a lot more. It’d have been a much stronger episode with that debate, which is really one it’s having with its audience.

There’s some bad with the episode as well. Kara’s moments with James is especially bad and feels like it’ll be handled wrong. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the events with Henshaw/Martian Manhunter. All of that will depend on where they take both plot lines down the road. Both may be minor bumps where there’s a nice recovery after.

I will say of particular note that I find interesting is Supergirl’s relationship with Cat which has really evolved over the series and is very different, and somewhat original, compared to Superman with Lois or Jimmy.

The episode is an ok one. Not super in any way, but it has it’s touching moments and it also sets up some strife with Supergirl, taking here away from her rather perfect and squeaky clean image.

Overall rating: 8.8