Review: Lords of the Jungle #1

Lords of the Jungle #1 CoverOne of things I have heard and I really believe about comics, is that every comic on the stands could be someone’s first comic book. So from time to time I like to just jump out and grab something that catches my eye, even if I never heard of it before. With that said I was looking through the advance previews available and I saw listed with the Dynamite books Lords of the Jungle #1 so i grabbed it and saw the cover to the left…

That is beautiful, and Alex Ross of course. The colors make me think of old Conan books, which is always a good thing if you ask me.

The first issue is seemingly all about the lady on the cover, Sheena of the Jungle, and what is going on with her and some nefarious dudes that want to destroy the jungle to make some fat stacks of cash. Obviously Sheena lives in the jungle and is able to make a counter-attack with her animal friends. I have to admit that this does have a terrifying sequence involving a parrot, mainly it’s terrifying because I hate birds with their beaks that can crush your finger if you get it to close and their. So maybe that part won’t be as scary for you if you happen to like birds, which you totally shouldn’t because I have seen them turn on people for no reason! None! Just stay away, don’t get near their cages and don’t try to give them peanuts or whatever, not worth losing a fingertip and being called stumpy every time you wave at your so-called friends.


Alright, maybe that’s just me and my phobia of birds. Anyways, this is a fun book, the art is by Roberto Castro and I couldn’t find fault with it at all. I mean, it’s all about a girl running around in the jungle in a leopardskin bikini, so it’s gotta be pretty. But it did feel like the story kinda jumped around and didn’t flow real well. Like some parts felt like i was supposed to know something or understand something about the setting that i just don’t know. I’ve never read any Sheena comics or stories before yknow? Sure I’ve seen them on the racks at shops, but never read any of them or even reviews or previews, so I don’t know what her story is. The way she talks doesn’t seem like someone who lives in the jungle and is surrounded by leopard men monsters and (terrifying) parrots and whatnot, so I’m sorta left wondering what’s going on exactly.

Not that I’m trying to bash the book, I mean it’s the first issue of a limited series, and apparently continuing the story of Sheena from a previous book, but a prologue or something would’ve been nice for the first issue so that everybody is on the same page. Which brings me back to my first point, every comic is potentially someone’s first comic. We don’t need to dumb anything down, just keep in mind that each issue should be able to stand on its own, fit into the rest of the story and end with cliffhangers yes, but stand on its own just fine. And this issue, does okay but it feels more like the second issue in the series. As if we already all know who Sheena is and what her story is. Tarzan shows up at the end, but only for a panel. The absolutely beautiful art makes up for any confusion I’m feeling from the story, and I am interested to see what happens, are Tarzan and Sheena gonna hook up? Are they gonna fight to see which one the animals like more? I dunno, but I wanna find out where this is going and why.

Story: Corinna Bechko Art: Roberto Castro

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review