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Review: Detective Comics #50

DTC_Cv50_ds“One of those nights”

So to be honest, I have not been following this title much lately. However with it being the 50th issue anniversary, I could not resist. It’s like that party you get invited to but don’t really want to go, but you’re afraid you’ll miss something big if you don’t. So yeah that was the dilemma here. To read or not to read.

As for the story, it the conclusion of a case that Jim Gordon aka Batman (Well at least until Bruce dons the cowl shortly and Ben Affleck rocks the big screen) has been working for a little while now. We start with him and his partner Harvey Bullock inspecting a civil war memorial statue from Massachusetts. I had to chuckle at that fact. Maybe I was meant to pick up this book after all.

The gist of it all is that a serial killer is going around Gotham offing people for their bones to create a spiritual portal to the underworld to battle the Devil. One of the joys of this issue is being able to see former Commissioner Gordon use his detective skills only this time he’s the one wearing the cowl, instead of being left on a rooftop by an inconsiderate caped crusader making a hasty exit. Nice change of pace there.

Another great aspect is Jim is not the loner his predecessor is. He revels in help from his allies. Watching him and Harvey tag team a suspect in a rousing joust of “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”  was particularly enjoyable. Jim even used normal tablet GPS to aid him to the villains lair.

They say that the conflicted villains who believe they are in the right are the most compelling ones, but I just wasn’t feeling it here. Our big baddie was a recreation of Saint George in holy armor attempting to smite the blasphemous on his quest. Aside from the stark imagery his characterization wasn’t all that colorful. The fight is beautifully rendered by Fernando Pasarin and Scot Eaton and had serious visual appeal but the outcome just felt flat.

Overall: It’s not what I expected from one of Jim Gordon’s last outings as Batman but thankfully that’s only this title. (The big conclusion in this months Batman #50 promises to be totally epic) Peter J. Tomasi is usually so good at character developments but this one missed the bulls-eye with a dull Batarang. Now we all know that Bruce is coming back imminently and the company wide “Rebirth” is set to rock some of our favorite titles, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a more down to Earth title with Jim Gordon and Bullock investigating street level crimes. Here’s to hoping the next team puts the “detective” back in Detective Comics. On the plus side that cover is fantastic. Till next time, happy sleuthing everyone!

Story: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Fernando Pasarin and Scot Eaton
Story: 6.7 Art: 8.3 Score: 8 Recommendation: Read

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