Donald Trump is Sebastian Shaw? Political Commentator Van Jones Thinks So.

Van Jones is a political activist who has done everything from founding Color of Change to advising the White House. Currently he’s a commentator for CNN during the election season and during tonight’s primary coverage he showed his geek side in describing the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.

In the discussion, Jones compared Trump to the X-Men villain Sebastian Shaw who gets stronger the more he’s attacked (and also uses the energy absorbed in his attack).

Washington, DC comic shop Fantom Comics noticed the reference and Tweeted up the video.

Jones seemed to have appreciated that:

In X-Men: First Class the character, played by Kevin Bacon, was also a Nazi which seems rather appropriates considering some of Trump’s imagery.

So, agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!

One comment

  • My question is how did the x-people defeat Sebastian Shaw? I didn’t stick with the mutant books long enough to find out myself, any mutant X-Perts out there want to chime in here?