TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E9 Suburban Cowboys

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, an old pal inspires the gang to don their cowboy hats and journey back to the old Wild West. A customer comes in seeking an iconic ’80s comic.

Yeah, so it looks like every other episode is going to be good this season.

This episode falls into the bad habit of veering off of the focus on the store, comics, and collectibles, and instead has the crew going on another wacky adventure, this time to some place called Wild West City in New Jersey.

That latest adventure begins due to a customer coming in with a bunch of Wild West comics. This has Walter waxing nostalgic about going to the adventure town when he was younger and that gets the guys to go and check it out. Instead of focusing on the comics themselves and maybe diving more in to their history, we get a side event.

There are two other segments with customers selling things, an important comic featuring Spider-Man and a replica of the Flux Capacitor. Both would have been more interesting to spend time on, especially since there was good debate about the importance of this Spider-Man related comic. That would have been more geek focused and maybe not mass audience friendly, but it’d be much more appropriate for the show.

The Wild West City segment is rather said than interesting, and with it ending the episode it had me wondering why Walter really enjoyed it.

There’s nothing wrong with these sorts of episodes, but they seem to distract from the point of the show, as if the normal day to day stuff isn’t interesting enough to create content without this sort of side quest. As usual, not a bad show, but it just doesn’t focus on “comics” enough.

Overall rating: 6.6