Review: Trista + Holt #12


Trista & Holt #12 represents a turning point in Andrez Bergen’s neo-noir saga from Iffy Commix, with surprises aplenty and a major “romantic” twist that made me wonder, Wait, did I read that right? Did that really happen? Happen it did, and the unexpected wedding in #12 has to have major consequences for the remaining installments.

Trista & Holt #12 finds Trista investigating what exactly happened to her friend/ mentor/ father figure Governal and seemingly talking at cross purposes with Marcella Cornwall as Marcella comes up with a bizarre way to stem the violence between her camp and the Holt’s. Trista and Issy are still in love as well as lust but their relationship must remain secret for the time being or there’ll be hell to pay.

Some characters that have been in the background in recent issues such as Alaina Holt, Issy’s tough-as-nails mother, and the notorious Norwegian with the nine millimeter pistol again come to the fore leaving us to wonder exactly how much Alaina knows about Trista’s and Issy’s relationship and what she’ll do with that knowledge.

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Again, Bergen’s visuals are most intriguing and the representations of Trista and Issy are delicious eye candy. There’s a glimpse of an aged, unusually emotional Marcella represented by Angela Lansbury in earlier panels and then by what appears to be an outgoing, joyful heiress in others, which just emphasizes the emotional vertigo of these characters in seemingly impossible situations. How does Trista keep her composure through the present dizzying turn of events? Must be a combination of Governal’s training and her own nerves of steel.


Issy’s longtime pal, Brangien, makes an appearance in this issue, but it looks like this may be her last. One never knows however, because characters have a way of returning from the other side to offer commentary and insights on things that are happening, even after they’ve seemingly left the stage (think Lou Holden and Moore Holt from previous issues).

As we near the end of the fabulous ride that is Trista & Holt, Bergen continues to weave a tale of love and revenge, darkness and death—and there’s wicked humor, too! What more could a fan of all things noir ask for?

Story: Andrez Bergen Art: Andrez Bergen

Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Iffy Commix provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review