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Review: Voltron: From The Ashes #6



On the last episode of Voltron: From The Ashes; new Voltron Pilots Jayce, Vega, Kirin, Niki and Rei were all in a vicious fight with a couple of Haggars Robeasts, on the beautiful Planet Arus. Together Piloting the Lions and Voltron for the first time they came together as a team to end up Victorious and save the people of the Planet. The Monks of Arus, who trained the Pilots have a little celebration for them to honor their achievement of defending the Planet from complete destruction. Meanwhile, there is a huge commotion among Gr’Rawr’s Army and Haggards call upon them to check out her latest Robeast creation made out of their fearless leader! And now for the exciting conclusion.

Two aged men are on a journey in what looks like our version of the Grand Canyon, they are both wearing cloaks and they are talking about their burdens and how the journey is much longer than they remember. The book now cuts to the new Pilots relaxing on a nice sunny day enjoying the sunshine when all heck breaks loose. Things are not going so well for them as the struggle to get to the Lions. Haggars new Robeast she made out of Gr’Rawr is attacking the planet. Haggar is now watching all the happenings unfold and is overhearing some griping for one of Gr’Rawr’s higher ups to another soldier, but she is in a good mood and decides to let it slide. Finally, the team gets Voltron formed and is fighting off Gr’Rwar as well as all the enemy ships. Eventually the team forms blazing word and defeats the Robeasts as well as the mother ship that contains Haggar the beast. Will this be the end of Haggar? Will Arus finally be free of attacks from enemies, will Voltron finally be able to be retired? You’ll just have to buy it and find out how it all ends!

This was another good writing job from Cullen Bunn, especially since this is the last chapter of this comic book series. Would I have liked a couple of more books to really do this series justice? Yes. But with that said I was overall pleased with how it ended. There was a lot more action shots in this issue as been the theme basically with the previous five issues but I wish there was a little more dialect with this series.

The art again was spot on by Blacky Shepherd, but colorist Adriano Augusto did a great job in making everything pop and visually spectacular and keeping Voltron true to the way he looked from a color stand point. Just an overall awesome job by the two of the to capture what Voltron has always been about from a artistic stand point.

Overall, this series was very satisfying from this Voltron fan’s standpoint, I am really hoping at some point that Dynamite Entertainment will put out another Voltron series that maybe goes more in depth with their characters and story lines. Go out and get your copy of Voltron: From the Ashes #6 today, you won’t regret it!

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Blacky Shepherd
Story: 8 Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: BUY!

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review