TV Review: Supergirl S1E15 Solitude

Melissa Benoist Supergirl 1Kara travels to the Fortress of Solitude hoping to find information on how to defeat Indigo, a being from her past who can travel through the Internet. In the meantime, James and Lucy reach a crossroads in their relationship.

CBSSupergirl does an ok job mixing things together in tonight’s episode which gives us a new villain in the Brainiac spin-off Indigo.

Lets start with the villain of Indigo herself. The character and concept are cool, basically a computer in person form, and aspects of the character look cool, but the costume is just so poor it distracts from the episode.

This is a character that can change her shape and travel through the internet, but there’s seems on the outfit and a zipper on the back…. it just looks really silly.

The episode really focuses on Supergirl walking away from the DEO due to Hank “killing” her aunt, but we all know it’s really Supergirl’s sister. There’s also relationship issues between James and Lucy dealt with.

The James and Lucy spat seems a bit odd, especially since James never shared Superman’s identity, so it’s odd he wants to do that for Supergirl. It’s clunky writing definitely and the weakest spot of the show.

The episode is an ok one. Not super in any way, but it has it’s touching moments and a fun villain in some ways.

Overall rating: 8.8