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Matt Idelson Joins Dynamite from DC

Matt IdelsonFollowing news of Alan Payne and Patrick O’Connell signing on to Dynamite, the publisher welcomes another alumni from DC Comics to its growing staff.

Matt Idelson has joined Dynamite after over 15 years with DC Comics. This veteran of nearly 25 years as a comic book professional began his career as an intern at Marvel in 1993. He worked his way up the ranks from Tom DeFalco’s editorial assistant to Editor, before moving on to DC Comics. In his 16 years at DC, Idelson had overseen the Batman and Superman franchises as Group Editor, and was handling the editorial direction on Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. He was also an integral part of the company’s New 52 initiative, working on such titles as Aquaman, Animal Man, Green Lantern, Superman Unchained, Wonder Woman, Larfleeze, Red Lanterns, Infinity Man and the Forever People, Sinestro, and The New 52: Future’s End, among others.