TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E7 Making Clay

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Walt and Bryan audition the Secret Stash employees for a role in their new claymation film with friend and fellow podcaster Brian Quinn.

The first episode of the second half of the season was the best of the season, and it just took one episode for the series to get right back into old habits moving away from the focus on comics and instead being sidetracked with something else.

The episode does have some comic moments, the group buys a really cool toy and gives some solid history about it. While I don’t want a show only of that, it still is more of what the show should be.

Instead the episode introduces the television folks to Brian Quinn and instead has a lot to do with a claymation film that’s being done and their search for voice talent. What that has to do with the show and its comic focus is a big question. Yes the show is about these guys and their world, but, it’s expanded beyond the shop to their wacky adventures, with this being the latest.

For as good as last episode was, this one just goes back to old habits.

Overall rating: 6.4


  • Do you not know who Brian Quinn is? Really?

    • I know who Brian Quinn is, doesn’t mean viewers do.

      • He is arguably on a show that is more popular than the show he is guesting on. Plus, the majority of the people who watch this show, the true fans, loved this show more than any other. It is where the show originated from the TESD podcast. If you know the history of CBM the show was birthed out of the TESD podcast and Quinn was supposed to be a cast member but had already signed a contract with Tru TV.

        • And your point is? He guested here in an episode about the claymation film being done, which is yet another direction for a show that can’t decide what it wants to be. Don’t see the point you’re making, especially when this was all explained on the episode.