Black Mask Studios Updates as to Where Their Comics Are

Black Mask LogoBlack Mask Studios was one of the hottest studios of 2015. Their releases made numerous best of lists as well as seeing multiple sell-outs. Hits like Space Riders, We Can Never Go Home, Young Terrorists, and a whole lot more, were buzzed about and received praise from readers and critics. But, over the last few months they’ve been absent from shelves with no new releases.

The publisher has released an update on their Facebook page as to their status and when we can expect new comics to line shelves.

To the Black Mask Family- I know a lot of you have been wondering the same thing the past couple months: “where the heck are the new Black Mask books??” And I realize it’s been super frustrating that we’ve been vaguely repeating “we’re workin’ on it.”

The truth is we weren’t able to talk in detail about the delays, and we didn’t have any firm new dates anyhow, because we got dragged into some super annoying legal nonsense.

It was, to coin a phrase, a fucking nightmare.

BUT NO MORE! We’ve fixed the problems, shaken off the hassle-makers, and everything’s back on the rails and rolling again.

We understand January and February have been super lame without new Black Mask books, but we promise we’re gonna make it up to you.

After all, that’s why we fight like hell to put out these books even when the law gets in our way. We do it because we love these crazy comics and all our crazy readers.

FINALLY! we have some new dates for you:

Clandestino #2 drops March 16th.

X’ed #2 drops March 23rd.

And we’re way ahead on both of them, issues 3, 4, & 5 of both series are totally complete already, so these things are gonna roll smooth as astroglide.

Also I know there’s been a lot of demand for Young Terrorists #2 (and I appreciate it!). Issue 2 has been done for a long time, it was actually finished before we even solicited #1. But, since I’m not just the writer of YT but also chief cook and bottle washer at BMS, I had to focus on fighting this fight because it affects all our creators and readers and shops–and it’s hard to type with boxing gloves on! So I want to make sure we’re well ahead on Young Terrorists issues (like we are on Clandestino and X’ed) before I announce new street dates. But rest assured, we’re hard at work in the lab and new issues will be rolling out soon.

Plus, the We Can Never Go Home / Young Terrorists split FCBD book just went to print! So you’ll have that wild ride to sink your eyeballs into soon.

Our next #1 – 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK (by Matthew Rosenberg & Tyler Boss) – is on schedule for April release. And it’s awesome.

And we will be announcing our full slate of upcoming new releases shortly. You’re gonna take one look and start bleeding out of your eyes from all the awesome. It’s gonna be disgusting. Super good.

Everybody here at Black Mask deeply appreciates the support all the comic readers and bloggers and shops have shown us. We hope you’ll stick with us because there are so many more exciting stories we want to tell you and so many new and daring creators we want to introduce you to. Thank you so much for the opportunity to create all this madness!

Very sincerely,

Matt Pizzolo
Black Mask Studios

Whatever the reason, we here can’t wait!