Von Miller Is Cam’s Kryptonite

supercam chestOver the last few years super heroes and sports have been becoming more and more synonymous with each other. In Indycar racing circuit you had Hélio Castroneves, who’s nickname was Spider-Man because after a victory he would climb the fencing that separates the fans from the race track. ESPN (who is owned by Disney, who also just happens to own the rights to Marvel) made their very own “comic book” who had Lebron James on the cover it.

That’s how far being a geek has become, that athletes, who probably picked on geeks and gave them weekly swirlies  in high school, are now joining forces with each other. Even Brook Lopez who plays for the Brooklyn Nets is a huge comic book fan and can be seen at comic cons getting his fix of pop culture and all it’s glory.

Leading up to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara California, the country was taken by storm by Cam Newton, the charismatic, fun loving and dabbing starting Quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. Cam also goes by the nickname “SuperCam. Just as he is known for his dabbing, Cam Newton is also know for his Supermanesque touchdown celebration, where he makes believe he is opening his shirt showing his superman symbol underneath, Cam also has a football move where he will leap forward as if he is trying to fly over the defenders.

Von Miller Catched SupercamWell as it happens, SuperCam met his foe. His name is Von Miller. Von Miller is Cam Newton’s own personal Lex Luthor “The greatest criminal mind of our time!” and for once Lex Luthor was able to defeat his arch nemisis with 6 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and two forced  fumbles in The Broncos win in Super Bowl 50.

Now Von Miller could have stopped there, but this week he trolled Cam Newton so hard on twitter with some amazing new shoes that Adidas customized for Von Miller

Here is the tweet:

Those Kryptonite shoes are amazing and definitely are way better than the Superman shoes Cam Newton wears during pregame warm-ups, but can’t wear them in an actual game because the NFL wont allow.

I can’t wait to see what is in store over the next few years, finally geek’s and jocks can unite and form a common bond!