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The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Final Trailer Gives Us Better Darkseid Hints

A new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has hit the web and not only does it provide new footage (and footage that has me really excited for the film), it also gives us a hell of a hint at the debut of the villain Darkseid who has been hinted at being in the movie.

First, this trailer, plus previous ones, have featured these strange flying beings, which look a lot like Darkseid’s shock troops Parademons.

darkseid batman v superman 3 darkseid_batman_v_superman_2

But, now we get this scene which features a large Omega on the ground, a symbol associated with the character.


We don’t know how Darkseid will make his debut, but it looks like we can expect a battle for the ages at some point.

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