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clusterfuckChase movies are somewhat addictive as they bring us in and have us root for who would otherwise be the bad guys. They pull us in by letting us get to know exactly who these characters are. We tend to feel for them because we know exactly what their motivations are and it is never just about the big score. One such movie that falls into this, is Gone in 60 Seconds, as we root for the main character because he is doing this to save his brother.

Another chase movie that comes to mind and is more iconic every time I watch it is Warriors. A gang being chased around the city for being framed for killing a beloved leader. A chase that lasts a whole night and the entire span of city, as they fear for their lives, while narrowly escaping death at every turn. These type of movies are few and far between these days, as chase movies are more elaborate and tend to rely on CGI and special effects more than anything. Then I read Clusterf@#k, which brought up all the feels when I used to watch those movies.

Clusterf@#k is one of those books, where it is not only intriguing but funny, in a good way, as this no ordinary chase , as it is one filed with supernatural creatures everywhere. The reader is introduced to Jim and Karl, a pair of private investigators, who are looking into homeless abductions throughout the city, as they are trapped in a pit, by a vampire, where he soon finds out Karl’s major secret. Soon , the guys are embroiled in a mess bigger than they bargained for as they get tasked with protecting a goat boy who is wanted by werewolves, vampires, every supernatural creature in the city plus government agents.By book’s end, our heroes has not only eluded all these sketchy characters but also saved the city.

Overall, a quick witted and action packed story that not only elicits memories of those movies but brings a brave twist to this genre. The story by Jon Parrish a thrill ride, which is parts Slither and parts Judgment Day. The art by Diego Toro, is quite wondrous and interesting, and fits this story well. Altogether, a fun ride that is well worth the price of admission.

Story: Jon Parrish Art: Diego Toro
Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Alterna provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review


  • I hadn’t seen this review until Diego sent me a link so apologies for the late response.

    Thank you for this review of the book. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. The Warriors was one of my favorite films growing up so I’m honored to have the book draw those comparisons.

    I put a lot into the scripts, but the book wouldn’t be what it was without Diego’s art, Kote’s colors, Nic’s letters, and Steven’s editing.
    Thanks again.

    • You are more than welcome, I know people come t our site for our unbiased opinions, so to have one of the creators to see one of our reviews is truly an honor, definitely love what you guys did with the concept, Bravo Zulu (good job)as we say in the Navy!

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