Review: Trista + Holt #11

TRISTA+HOLT_11_cover_Jan 2016_IF CommixTrista & Holt #11, the latest installment of Andrez Bergen’s epic neo-noir story based on the legend of Tristan and Iseult, blazes forward with Issy Holt helping Trista break out of the hospital. What mysteries await Trista as she arrives at Marcella Cornwall’s estate remain to be seen, but it appears some things have happened during her time in critical care that will rock her world, possibly even breaking her determined state of calm coolness and detachment.

Trista’s and Issy’s romance continues to blossom in #11, in the unlikeliest of circumstances, under the worst of conditions. Shootouts and car chases, pop culture icons and gloriously outlandish ‘70’s outfits all make up the backdrop for young love in a time of intergenerational gang wars (the vintage “Billy the Kid” car/ tableau that Trista encounters upon leaving the hospital takes the time warp-factor to a whole new level). It would seem that the glow of young love might brighten this noir universe just a shade, but past violence sparks still more violence, and endings outnumber new beginnings.

Not since the final send-off for Holt wheel man Lou Holden have we seen such a fabulous spectacle rife with fascinating figures like those attending the funeral of Issy’s notoriously cruel uncle, Moore Holt. Offed earlier by Trista in her first official hit, Moore recently joined the ranks of roaming ghosts. This funeral follows in the tradition of Lou’s: crying and wailing by family members, poker-faced glitterati from Daniel Craig to David Bowie representing eccentric mourners sure to have their own fascinating backstories. If only there were world enough and time. Use your imagination; you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Page-015 sampleWhat’s happening concurrently as Trista and Issy arrive at Marcella’s estate, Tintagel, seems to indicate an ending as well, but in a whole different style and from a very different point of view (a cinematic high angle).  Whose point of view is it? Too soon to say, but there are (disturbing) clues as to why this could be the end of an era for Trista.

Bergen is adept at weaving a most compelling yarn and his clever and artful juxtaposition of words and delicious, provocative images makes for a visual feast. Time spent in the world of Trista & Holt is like time spent in the cool dimness of an exclusive disco club, a shadowy noir realm populated by beautiful people glimpsed in the flash of strobe lights, neon, and yes, the occasional flash of gunfire.

Story: Andrez Bergen Art: Andrez Bergen
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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