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Preview: Alterna AnniverSERIES: NOVO

Alterna AnniverSERIES: NOVO

(W/A) Michael S. Bracco
Digital Release
$0.99,  32 pgs, BW, 15+

The Aquans and Terans spent their existences blaming each other for their own faults, warring until there was only one Aquan, a male, and one Teran, a female. Together in love and desperation, they created Novo — a savior born to a world that no longer had use for one. Now trying to discover a history he will never be a part of, can the mystery of his past give him the clues to his future?

The Alterna AnniverSERIES celebrates 10 years of quality creator-owned comics.  A perfect starting point for some of our most popular titles!