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Review: Poop Office

PO1-6coversHere’s a fun fact about me – I don’t have a colon! In fact, today is my one year disemboweliversary, so when the opoohtunity to review a little comic called Poop Office arose I figured it’d be a great way to honor the occasion.

Poop Office is a sort of Bizarro World Dilbert featuring a group of anthropomorphized, pun-loving turds as they navigate the inane frustrations of office life. In one strip central protagonist Poopert must track down a poohchase order number so he can order supplies from Office Dumpo while co-worker Fecelia is away on voidcation. And in another highly relatable misadventure, Poopert questions whether his boss Mr. Poopson heard him farting in his cubicle. Show me a desk jockey that says they haven’t faced the same conundrum and I’ll show you a goddamn liar!

Issue #6 is the first I’ve picked up, and new readers will find no need to go back and read the previous five for any reason other than their own amusement. Virtually plotless, these punchline based strips deliver a lot of simple, satisfying chuckles. The end of the issue features a few spin-off ideas including Poop Hospital, Poop Zoo, and Poop High School – There is virtually no setting that can’t be improved by talking pieces of shit!

Will this comic appeal to folks who haven’t spent twenty years of their life with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease? I think yes. Even without a personal history of Ulcerative Colitis I would still be a sucker for poop humor, and I know damn well having a bowel disease is not a prerequisite for enjoying fecal funnies. That being said, while I would gladly put a physical copy in my bathroom at home, it doesn’t really earn it’s place on my bookshelf so I’d suggest checking it out in digital format first. Web comics like The Oatmeal and Cyanide and Happiness have proven that simple concepts can be illustrated by simple drawings and still deliver solid laughs, and Poop Office is of a similar ilk.

Story: Ben Pooped Art: Ben Pooped
Art: 5 Story: 5 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Read

Naked Grape Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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